The Timberland Timeline



Timberland Machines Ltd. is founded in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada to serve the Eastern Logging Industry with equipment such as the Timber Tosser, Rope Blocks, Sawmill Power Units, Yarders and Logging Winches.


The first Timberskidder is built – the forerunner of the Timberjack articulated steer Log Skidder.


Our Dredge Winch designs attract Ellicott Machine Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland; Ellicott buys a controlling interest and the Company name is changed to “The Timberland Ellicott Limited”.


The first “Timberjack Skidder” with articulated steering is sold with excellent Industry acceptance. The Timberjack goes on to exceptional growth and sets a new Industry standard.


Non-forestry operations relocate to a new plant and establish Timberland Equipment Limited. Forestry operations become “Timberjack Machines Limited.”


Ellicott sells Timberjack Machines Limited to the Eaton Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio, and buys remaining shares in Timberland Ellicott Limited from the original shareholders.


The Magill Family, one of the original Canadian founders, buys 100% of Timberland from Ellicott and reverts the company name Timberland Equipment Limited.

Timberland emerges as a dominant world manufacturer of tension stringing equipment with sales to the People's Republic of China and many other nations.


Timberland buys 100% of TSE International Inc., located in Shreveport, Louisiana to expand its presence in the U.S. tension stringing inudstry.

Through TSE, Timberland purchases the tension stringing equipment division of Pengo-Jetco, of Ft. Worth, Texas. Pengo is consolidated with the TSE.


The Magill family sells Timberland to two of the company’s long-time employees: W. Booth, President, and J.R. Leslie, Vice President.


Timberland acquires the “Minejack®“ product line from Timberjack, adding to our growing lines of mine equipment.


Timberland purchases Marcotte Mining Services Inc. of Sudbury, Ontario, a major customer for the Minejack® equipment, to expand our manufacturing of underground mine service vehicles such as scissor lifts, crane trucks, anfo loaders, and shot creters.


TSE International Inc. acquires the Beebe Barge and Hand Winch product line from Ingersoll-Rand Inc.

Timberland Equipment Limited achieves ISO9001 quality certification.


Timberland acquires Almon Johnson Limited of Eatontown, New Jersey, establishing our diversified line of marine winches and deck machinery.


Timberland purchases Hawboldt Industries of Chester, Nova Scotia, expanding our capabilities in marine equipment for the fishery, defense, shipbuilding and oceanographic industries.


Timberland’s legacy of employee ownership carries on as the company is purchased by Mark Gabourie, P.Eng., President, and Rich Corneil, Chief Financial Officer.


Timberland Equipment purchases certain assets and intellectual property of OK Champion, establishing market leadership in niche products including power rotators, cable scrappers and reel loaders for electric utility, telco and sewer maintenance industry.