America’s one-stop source for engineered tension stringing and sewer/sanitary maintenance solutions

For more than 30 years, TSE International has provided the electric utilities of America and their contractors with custom engineered equipment to meet every overhead and underground tension stringing requirement.

TSE designs and manufactures America’s most complete range of engineered pulling and tensioning equipment and accessories for every cable size, application and environment. As well as custom engineering solutions to meet specific needs, TSE has developed innovative tools and guides to simplify the process of selecting and purchasing the right equipment for their immediate project requirements:

QuikPik provides transmission line planners with guided equipment selection and matching.

The System provides recommendations for pre-matched equipment to complete every task in a variety of common electric distribution conditions.

TSE also provides engineered rodding equipment for the maintenance of underground sewer and sanitary lines.

We are recognized nationwide as the leader in application expertise and field support to our customers. To learn more about how TSE can help you solve your challenges in conductor and cable handling, contact our service staff now!

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Wallenda Walk

See Timberland Group machines in action at the Wallenda Walk over the Grand Canyon. To go direct to our equipment go to this link Click here, or watch the entire video below.





2-bundle + OPGW stringing in Costa Rica

The custom engineered puller-tensioner system from Timberland included a trailer-mount able to travel at highway speeds.

Jiangsu Power Puller & Tensioner

Jiangsu Power Company was able to erect a 500 kV transmission line through rugged central China with our 28-ton puller and 20-ton tensioner.

Two-Bundle Tensioning System

Timberland delivered a full package of two-bundle tensioning equipment under tight time constraints to meet the contractor’s project schedule.

Puller-Tensioner Reconductor System

This versatile all-in-one solution minimizes the amount of equipment needed to upgrade electrical distribution lines in confined work areas.


Hawboldt - Inshore Science Vessels

Hawboldt - Deck Equipment, Mid-Shore Patrol Vessels

Hawboldt Industries chooses RS Aqua as partner in United Kingdom and Ireland


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QuikPik tensioning equipment selector

The System conductor stringing planners

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